i'm still just mom.

It's Mother's Day. The day where I get pampered and get breakfast in bed and my children behave like angels and I just get to kick back and relax...right? Actually, it's just the same as any other day. And I love it. Second to being a wife, being a mom is the greatest role I've ever had. Every day is a new adventure. It's difficult in so many ways, and challenges me. I'm beat to complete exhaustion almost daily. So, on MY day...I'm still just mom to them.

I wouldn't change it for the WORLD.

I was born for this role. I love learning each and every day how to better myself at being a mom, and how to pour into my kids. I'm thankful for the dirt on my floors and the spit up on the couch. For the piles of dirty laundry and smeared finger prints on my windows. The fact that my car smells like sour milk and dirty diapers.

Most of all - I'm thankful for the smiles on their faces. For the way they look to me for comfort and for joy. That Zoey lights up and can't contain her excitement when I walk into a room. That Jessi knows she has a best friend in me, and I will always be there to kiss her owies.

I'm so thankful and blessed to be their mommy. They are my everything, and the fact that God chose me to care for them just blows me away. I am overjoyed. Being "just mom" is the best thing for me to be!!

Happy Mother's Day to all my amazing Mommy friends. I hope your day as mom is as amazing as can be!