bye bye daddy!

My amazing hubby boarded a plane yesterday and is off to Atlanta for the next three weeks for work. That stinks BIG TIME. 

In our 5 years together we haven't gone more than two days without seeing each other. TWO DAYS. This is so out of our element. Not having him here to help with the girls is tough enough, but that man is my sanity! He's my best friend. I get bored without him!

The only plus? I get the whole bed to myself. Well...let's be honest, I always get MOST of the bed to myself because I'm a bit of a bed hog ;) He loves me anyway.

I really don't know how military wives do it! Breaks my heart for you guys that have to spend extended periods of time away from your men. This is no fun!!

Saying bye bye to Daddy at the airport

Please say a prayer for us as we manage without daddy. I'm really not sure how I'm going to explain to Jess in a couple days when she starts freaking out because she misses her favorite person so much. She's not going to be the only one freaking out. He's my favorite person too.