time for a mega huge celebration

Is it possible??

Possible that we have made it over the sleeping hump, and are now...dare I say it...


7 nights straight.

One whole week.

Doesn't she just look like an angel when she sleeps?

The baby that hates sleep, has decided to give in. The strange thing is, I finally got her weaned from napping in that dang swing. The first day she took both naps in her crib was when the all night sleep happened. I would have burned that swing months ago if I had known this!!! So not only is she sleeping through the night, but she's napping great too! EXCLAMATION POINTS!!!!!

Needless to say, there have been hallelujah choruses sung, and dancing in the street. My body is slowly adjusting back to sleep, and honestly right now I'm still incredibly exhausted but I'll get there.

I know I'm crazy for posting this to the interwebs, because every time I brag on my children they stop doing whatever I'm bragging on them for.

How dare they read my blog.

This is a joyous day! Sleep is my love language and boy do I feel loved!!!

I think we should throw a sleep party. Because wow. This rocks.