because motherhood isn't all sunshine & roses

You know when times just get hard? You get discouraged. You feel beat down. You wonder if the laundry will ever end (it doesn't) and if the diapers will walk themselves to the trash can (I stepped over about 12 on my way through the living room just now). How do you balance your kids, your husband, your home and then have a few minutes for yourself? It seems impossible. Every stage is different and has it's own struggles. The great thing is, each day is new. I may have a horrible day, or even a horrible week...but we have the promise of a new day. And I get to start fresh. No, I'm not proud of the way I reacted to the massive fit Jessi threw because I wouldn't let her pour her own milk. My patience was shot and I was just done. I wish I hadn't raised my voice to her as I sent her to timeout. But I did. And she still knows I love her and we still hug and kiss when it's over. There will be more tantrums tomorrow and Zoey will still spit her peas at me like always.

So not only will it be frustrating, I'll smell like peas.

It may not always be all sunshine and roses being a mom....but it can be all chocolate chip cookies and brownies. I HAD to share this with you.


- STEP ONE - Bake a pan of brownies Eat a large chunk of fresh out of the oven gooey brownie Let them cool Cut into small squares

- STEP TWO - Make cookie dough Eat huge spoonful of cookie dough

- STEP THREE - Form cookie dough around brownie square and bake Yes, you heard me right

- STEP FOUR - Email or tweet me to thank me for rocking your world.

Remember friends, tomorrow is a new day and brownies and chocolate chip cookies make a bad day so much more tasty!!