wordless{ish} wednesday: random cute

Since I was an Event Planner in my former life, I have a slight problem when it comes to my kid's birthday parties. I'm obsessed. I've been spending every waking moment this week preparing for the party (oh, and also taking care of my kids a tiny bit). So I haven't really taken the time to sit at my computer. Just needed to take a breather and say hi! HIIIIIII!!!!!!!

Jessi hit a MAJOR cranky stage a week or so ago and has been interesting to deal with. Another reason for my bloggy absence. But the girls are cuter than ever, so here are a couple of random cute pics to brighten your day!

Happy Wednesday!

No doubt she's a total daddy's girl!

Goodness they are cute!

See?? Proof that she's a complete ANGEL!!!


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