i'm basically famous.

Hi friends! So, I had this fun opportunity recently to work with a PR company and learn about some really great beauty products for busy moms. Since I'm basically the definition of busy mom, or they thought I needed some serious help. I loved learning about some fun new products, and then I got to be on TV and share them! I wanted to share these products with you too! Here's the video clip of the interview.

Salon Grafix Healthy Hair Nutrition

Yu-Be Moisturizing Skin Cream

BabyGanics “Healin’ Groovy” Non-Petroleum Protective Ointment

BabyGanic’s “Cover-Up Kisses” SPF 20 Lip Balm

Xlear Spry Mints

My fav? The Yu-Be Skin cream...it's AAAAAMAZING!

Thanks for letting me share some fun beauty tips and products with you!!! Just because you're a busy mom doesn't mean you can't be beautiful and take care of yourself!