yes, I have a potty in my car.

I feel like I need to play catch up! I've been crazy busy and not really sure with what? Oh right, changing diapers and cleaning poo off the floor ;) Potty training is going great, but it's just annoying!! I'm really proud of how well Jessi has done. She still has accidents, and needs reminding but she'll go days being dry. I will put that in the win column! I joined the next level of motherhood and I drive around in my minivan...with a POTTY IN THE BACK. I still can't get over that!!

I've been getting involved with a couple different groups of women, and started working part time (just one day a week) at the church working with our kids ministry. It's been great finding some places to get plugged in and meeting some amazing people. My plate is more full than ever, but it's been great!

It's really the little things lately.

My exhaustion is at an all time high, but my JOY is at an all time high.

It's Zoey's giggles and her "dadadadada yayayayaya" that I hear from her bed early in the morning.

It's Jessi's insane giggles and her fake smile when I try to take her picture.

It's the fact that I have a potty in my car and that makes me laugh.

It's new friends.

It's hilarious trips to the grocery store.

It's the tingly feeling I get when I hear the garage door go up. I love that man SO much.

It's the refreshing spring rain and the sunshine breaking through the clouds.

It's the quiet in the house at the end of the day and I have a sleeping baby in my arms.

It's the little things.

Hello Hue Little Things