7 months {zoey brooklyn}

Sweet Zoey B, You are incredible. I can't not get enough of your sweet smile and precious laugh. You are such an easy going kiddo, and you are making me swell with baby fever! I want 10 more just like you! You are in such a fun stage. Sitting on your own, so content to play with your toys and watch the world around you.

You have started "dancing" and it's adorable! You bounce all the time and want to be constantly moving. Starting to pull up, and showing a little interest in crawling. Mostly so you can keep up with your big sis, who you ADORE.

I'm thrilled to say that Mama is your favorite. For now at least! You are getting pretty attached to me, but boy do you light up when you see your daddy! You still go to other people pretty well, but like to see Mama.

You blow bubbles, you giggle, you chew on anything and everything. You love veggies and crackers. You love life, and I love you!!!

I adore you,