why i stink at blogging {week recap}

Somehow I let this week get away from me and barely even touched the computer. It was filled with lots of fun with my girls though, and that's the important part!!

Monday - Well Checks! Both girls are growing great and are right where they should be!! I'm so proud of Zoey's weight gain, because if you remember back when she was a newborn we were really concerned with her weight. Not so much anymore chunky girl! And a trip to the park! Fun!!

Tuesday - I was pretty much on the floor all day with a horrible migraine :( Zoey had a reaction to her shots and ran a fever all day. Needless to say, we stayed in bed and watched lots of Veggie Tales!

Wednesday - Bible study in the morning, home for naps and then to church that evening. Oh....but don't forget about getting LOCKED OUT OF THE HOUSE for two hours in between. That was fun.

Thursday - House cleaning day. Because of our crazy week I hadn't touched the house and we host our lifegroup every Thursday. I had to call my mom to come help with the girls so I could clean. The house got clean...and I even squeezed in a haircut!

Friday - Easter fun! We went to an Easter event with my parents to hunt eggs and meet the bunny! Well....Zoey met the bunny, Jessi stayed as far away as possible.

Saturday - More egg hunting fun with our friends....and a lazy rest of the day!I better get a nap in because before we know it....I'll have TWO kids to chase!

Wow. This week was nuts! Can't wait to have daddy home all day tomorrow!!!!


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