I officially have a two year old.

Yup, we got locked out of the house today. We have a little back patio that we go out on to play a lot and Jessi had been begging to do bubbles so I said yes we'll go out for a few minutes before naps and play with bubbles. We had been out about 10 minutes and I said it was time to go in and start getting ready for naptime. Went to the door....and it was locked. She had managed to lock the knob and shut the door behind her on the way out. I thought, oh no big deal I'll just grab the hide-a-key. IT WAS GONE.

We were locked out of the house.

Thankfully, I had Zoey with me and we were all outside together! I quickly called Brook (who was at work) and no answer. Called my mom and mother in law, and my MIL called our friend (who just happens to be the fire chief...it's nice to know people!) and he rushed right over. He had to leave to get some tools, but brought back cookies and water for us. Win, win!

After being locked out a couple hours, we managed to get the door open!

Um, hubby...we are going to need a new window screen on the garage window. I might have ripped it to shreds and tried to break in. The good news? My house is NOT easy to break into.

I feel like I've entered a new level of parenting. With a sneaky two year old.