a wild and crazy weekend ending with joy

Wow, we had a WILD weekend! Friday we celebrated Jessi's birthday as a family because Daddy had to work a ton all weekend and we wouldn't see much of him at all. Jessi loved her birthday. She had an absolute blast, and so did we. It was filled with WAY too much sugar, but tons and tons of love.

To top of the crazy weekend, we decided to surprise Jessi with her new big girl bed. We got it all set up for her and then took her up to show her. The look on her face was priceless. She was thrilled! Right after that we ate dinner and her prayer at dinner was: "Dear Jesus, thank you for my bed!!!!! Amen!".

She adjusted to her new bed with no problems. Hopefully she will continue to do well with it, because I can't believe how easy of a transition it was. Fingers crossed!

I sit here after the long weekend, watching my babies on their monitors sleeping so peacefully. My heart is full of so much love and I feel so blessed to be their mommy. The past two years have been incredible. I'm a better person because of them and I know what is really important in life now. The material things of this world don't matter as long as my girls are happy and my husband is by my side.

Motherhood changed me.

Selfishness is gone.

I am honored to be called mom.