Jessi Girl, you are TWO!

Jessi Girl,

You are TWO today. Two years old. I can't believe how fast the past 2 years have flown by. Being your mama is the greatest joy. I will never forget the day you were placed on my chest, and grabbed my finger looking up at my face. You knew me and I was thrilled to finally see your face. You made me a mommy that day and forever changed the way I look at life.

You have always been an overachiever. I'm so proud of how quickly you pick up on things and how smart you are. You are crazy smart! Your vocabulary blows me away, and it's so fun being able to communicate so well with you.

Your joy for life is contagious. You are so excited to walk outside and see the trees and the flowers and every little thing! You skip through life without a care in the world, but have such a sensitive heart. You are the perfect big sister. You take such good care of Zoey, and love her so much. You adore meeting new babies and playing "mama". I'm so thankful God made you the firstborn, because it's the perfect role for you!

When you around a group of people you become really shy and quiet. It takes you a bit to warm up, but eventually you come out of your shell. I'm thankful for your cautious nature, but also for your willingness to try new things.

Your favorite things are playing at the park and meeting new "friends!". Every time we go play you yell "hi friends!!!!" and get so excited. You go down the big slides now and run with the big kids! Every day you ask to go to the store. You love walking around and looking at things, and of course Target is your favorite!

We have been potty training for a little over a week and you are doing amazing! We gave you a new big girl bed and you rocked that too. It's so fun to watch you turn into a little girl. We are so proud of you and love to give you new privileges for being so amazing! Daddy is your absolute favorite person in the world and you are happiest when he is home wrestling with you!

I love you so much my sweet girl. I thank God for you every day and the amazing blessing you are to me and your daddy. You fill our home with laughter, joy and it's a total blast being your mommy! Year 3 is going to be so much fun!

Happy Birthday, Munchkin!

Love, Mommy