potty training: day three


Reinforce, reward and reinforce

Wow, that went significantly better. She is such a stubborn kid, and wants to do everything at her own pace. That was the hardest thing for me. I've always let her do the potty thing because she's been interested, but now that we are full on training I felt the need to take the lead a bit more. I encouraged her every 10 minutes and I think that got really annoying. Oops :)

I hope you're sitting down because this is big news....NO ACCIDENTS ALL MORNING!!!!! None. For 4 hours, we kept dry undies! I was so thrilled for her!

Oh, but two accidents in the evening. One of which she was standing over a floor vent. That will smell yummy when the air comes on. Wow.

Because she filled her first potty chart, she got a prize. Her first prize was a sucker and to watch a movie. She's still trying to figure out the concept of the reward chart, because after she got that she thought a sucker came after every potty. Ha! I think for her next prize she'll get a new toy. And by new toy, I'll dig in the back of the toy cabinet for something she forgot she has ;)

It's been really hard work and incredibly frustrating at times, but she's getting the hang of it. We are going to keep it up, and I'll update you in a week or so of how she's doing!! Thanks for all the advice and encouragement.

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