potty training: day two


Introduction of the Potty Chart and Reward System!

I wasn't sure what to expect for day two. She woke up and I took her straight in to put on panties and show her the potty chart. She was of course, more interested in the stickers. We had a couple of successful pee pees, and then the accidents started. After about 4 accidents, I was getting really discouraged. By 1:00 I had put her back in a diaper and was ready to throw the towel in.

Then she asked to go poopy. IN THE POTTY. So off we went, and SHE DID. I was so stinking proud and excited. She IS getting the hang of it!

After nap time, are you ready for this....NO ACCIDENTS! Girlfriend filled up that potty chart with stickers and I could not be more excited! She really started not liking how it felt to be wet.

4 accidents 8 successful potty trips

WIN WIN WIN!!!!!!!!!




Click to download the Potty Chart for Boys

Click to download the Potty Chart for Girls

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Let's share some prize ideas! What works well with your kiddos?? Simple and big prizes?