potty training: day one

Well, we took the plunge yesterday. A little over a month ago, Jessi decided she loved going potty. She had always done really well about using the potty, but it was as if one day she decided that's what she wanted to do.  I assumed that was her way of telling me she was ready to potty train. Then she cut two molars and it was haaaaaaaard.

Then my house was infected with the plague (aka the flu).

So she went a few weeks with barely touching the potty. A couple days ago, she became interested again so I decided to just go for it. We have been having gorgeous weather and going to the park almost every day, but next week we are supposed to have tons of rain. Perfect! We are stuck inside anyway, might as well hang out on the potty!

Here is our potty adventure. Please keep in mind that this is the process that works for US. It may not work for you!


The Introduction of Panties 

She was very nervous about them at first. She is a super cautious kid and new things kinda freak her out. I promised her a treat if she would just try them on, so of course she was on board. Once she had the on, she loved them!! She looked at herself in the mirror and giggled and giggled. And I love that I can squeeze those little cheeks!

We had about 5 accidents, but also lots of successful potty pee pees. The good outnumbered the bad, so we'll put today in the win column. She didn't poo (she doesn't every day), and that's the accident I'm dreading because she's never been a fan of going poo poo in the potty. It didn't really bother her at first if she wet herself, but after a few times I kinda noticed she was not liking it as much.

She has a potty treat jar in the bathroom and every time she goes she gets one treat (chocolate teddy grahams). That little stinker tricked me too. She convinced me that Rupert (her bff, a stuffed monkey) needed a potty treat too, and she got two! Smart little punk.

We decided to skip pull ups, and go straight to panties. We are doing a bit of a slow method (that we created on our own) to ease her into it. It fits her personality, and hopefully will work well for her. So we do about 3-4 hours in the morning, put a diaper on for naptime and then another 3 hours or so before bed. This gives her a good chance to get used to the process but still go about her life. I do have another tiny child to care for afterall! :)

She adjusted well to the panties and I think she really liked them! Gosh, she looked so grown up wearing them too!

Day two we'll introduce the potty chart and talk rewards!! Woo! Stay tuned!

You can follow our potty adventure on twitter at #jessivsthepotty