peter rabbit oragnics {a review}

When Jessi Girl was just wee thing, I discovered these yummy food pouches and they made my life SO much easier. I would stock up on them at the store and always have one on hand when out and about.

I was thrilled when Peter Rabbit Organics contacted me to try out their newest yummy pouches. Um, YES PLEASE! They are 100% organic, containing NO sugar (woo!). They come with a lid (so it can be resealed) and the lid isn't a choking hazard like some I've seen.

I knew she would love the fruit blends, because duh. So, the veggies were the real tester. She devoured it as if she hadn't had a meal in days. We tried the Pea, Spinach and Apple blend and she loved it. Getting veggies in my girl is exciting for me! She usually takes a couple bites and pushes them around her plate. Tricked you little girl!!!

These are the perfect snack on the go. Jessi always gets cranky when she gets hungry and these are like an instant happiness for her (and for mama!!). We tested them out all over for you, so you can see the best places to take your Peter Rabbit pouches!

At the park:


And most importantly...Target:

There is a very important side affect you should be aware of. They cause extreme amounts of cuteness and good behavior:

Peter Rabbit Organic pouches can be purchased at stores such as Whole Foods, REI, Albertsons, STARBUCKS! Ding, ding, ding!!! They know how to reach the mamas! I take my girls for a Starbucks date and that's always what Jessi picks as her treat!

Pick up your Peter Rabbit pouches when you are out with your kiddos! I promise they will thank you, and I'm convinced there is good behavior buried deep in the yumminess of healthy fruits and veggies ;)


I was sent complimentary pouches from Peter Rabbit Organics for this review, but was not compensated for a positive review. This review is real and I really am as obsessed with these pouches as I seem to be. (Thanks guys!!)