hello, terrible twos. nice to meet you. now go away.

It's one of those times where I sit and stare at the blank screen and think "what in the world do I say"? The last 4 weeks have been incredibly trying and difficult. Four weeks ago today, Jessi started cutting her 2 year molars. Somehow along with that came the terrible twos. It's like it's embedded IN the teeth or something? I kick myself for saying back at 18 months that she had hit the "twos", because wow I had no idea what was coming. I hope and pray that I don't look back on this in another 6 months and think this stage was a breeze. Lord help us all.

After a week of teeth cutting, the flu struck our home. Hubby brought it home from work and got it bad. Then Jessi, and Zoey is now suffering from it. I'm so thankful it skipped me, because someone has to take care of my sick little family! So, if it wasn't enough that we are dealing with sickness galore, the terrible two's as well???

My (usually) great kiddo, has now started running away from me in public places. Throwing massive tantrums and completely forgot how to use her ears (the listening and obeying has stopped altogether). Over the past couple of weeks I've had to load up the girls and just leave wherever we are because she's going nuts.

How do I handle this??? At home, it's easier because timeout works great for us. But in public?? I try the quiet terrifying mom voice. I try threatening that we will leave. I try redirecting. Shoot, I even use bribery. But sometimes nothing works.

I heart bribery. A corn dog and iPad works GREAT for a two hour wait at the doctor's office!

Advice on handling a 2 year old in public? Just never leave my house again? Because I'm about to that point!