the monthly rundown {23 months & 6 months}


Our baby girl is such a big girl now! It's a joy to watch her grow and learn new things every day. She's compassionate and had a precious heart. If someone so much as sneezes, she immediately asks "you ok???" She cares so much about how everyone feels and that everyone is happy. I love that!! She is becoming more outgoing and loves to talk to people at the store. When we go to the park she gets so excited when other kids are there and calls them all her friends. She loves making new friends and learning to play with others. She has gotten so brave and loves to go down the big slides at the park! Our little dare devil!

We are in the "what's that?" and "why?" stage. Oh boy, is that interesting! Even if it's something she knows, she still asks "what's that??" just wanting to hear our answer.  When we ask her to do something she very dramatically responds with "whhhhhhhhhhhhy??????". The terrible twos are so much fun :)

This month was rough. She cut her top back molars and caught a nasty virus so we spent a couple weeks laying around. Her favorite shows right now are Tangled, Monsters Inc. and Madagascar. We watched them A LOT. She's been asking to take naps while she's been sick and teething. Playing with ZoZo is still one of her favorite things, and starting calling her Zoey (which is a little sad!). We were on the verge of potty training before she started teething, and she does really well most of the time using the potty.

I can't believe she is almost 2!!! We love you so much sweet girl!



My precious happy girl, you are an absolute delight!! You really had a blast this month.

You started eating solids and love sweet potatoes, avocados and munching on crackers. You are doing really well with eating, and it seems to help you sleep better at night too! Mommy is so thankful for that, but we are anxious for you to sleep all night.

You love watching your sister play. The two of you are so cute together and it's so fun to watch you. You both get so excited in the mornings to see each other and just giggle together like you're teenagers!

You're such a little snuggle bug! You love holding your blankie against your face to fall asleep. We gave you a new paci and you are hooked. You still aren't a huge fan of being on your belly and when you get frustrated, you're starting to push up on to your knees. Can't believe you will be mobile soon, won't that be fun?!?

It's a joy to be your mama and see you light up when I walk in the room. I adore you and am so blessed by your joyful personality. Happy half birthday sweet thing, it's been a blast!!

Love you tons and tons, Mama