february photo dump

Sooooooooo I got this bright idea that I would do a picture a day for the year. BUT WHO AM I KIDDING? I failed. I didn't keep track for February, and even though I know I took a picture each day (most likely about 15), I don't have the energy now to go back and figure out one for each day. I admit it, I failed. But that's ok. I'm just going to throw up a bunch of my favorites from the month on you, and that's pretty fun too right?? Right. Enjoy!

What February was about: - Awesome Shopping trips to Target - - Lots of snuggles - - Baby sunglasses - - Playdates & crafting - - First time painting toddler toes! - - SNOW! - - Zoey starting solids - - Zoey got a new paci! - - Feeding the ducks - - Celebrating our "First Anniversary" Happy Leap Day! -

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