she hates sleep, and therfore hates me.

I'm officially eating my words and thoughts. Jessi was a total freak of nature. When she was 3 weeks old she was sleeping 8pm-4am and waking to eat and back to sleep until between 8-10am. By about 8 weeks, she was sleeping 12-14 hours every night. She never wakes in the middle of the night. She has always been a fantastic nap taker. For the first 4 months she would nap in her swing and then started napping in her bed with no problems. I thought this was normal. When I heard other parents talk about issues with getting their kids to sleep I thought SURELY they were doing something wrong because my perfect parenting was working wonders on my perfect baby.

And then I had Zoey.

She will be 6 months old next week and sleep is a nightmare for this one. She's done pretty well with napping in her swing (until the last few weeks), but you better not even try to lay her down to sleep or she will bust your eardrums with screams.

And nighttime? Let's just say I'm beyond beat. 8 times she has slept through the night. EIGHT. In six months. Most nights she wakes 3-6 times. Lately I can usually get away with one feeding, but that still means I'm being woken up way too many times. And getting her to go to bed? Don't even get me started. Right now I'm writing this after having tried walking her, rocking her and on and on for over 45 minutes and she's still fighting me. I finally just put her down and am letting her fight it out because I'm about to LOSE MY MIND.

I've had a migraine for the past 24 hours that I can't beat. I'm absolutely exhausted. I have no energy. I just want some rest without having to go stick a paci in a mouth 12 times.

This is what I get for thinking I rock at parenting.