jaxon jill designs {a giveaway!}

************THIS GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED************

So, let's be honest. I'm not fashionable. I live in sweat pants and my hubby's tshirts. I wear things that I know I shouldn't. And due to my lack of fashion sense, I have to count on my super fashionable friends to tell me how to dress.

Kristina from Jaxon Jill Designs is one of those people. She's aaaaaadorable (like in an annoyingly beautiful kind of way that you want to punch her in the face for being so adorable). She is super sweet and an amazingly genuine woman. She makes really incredibly beautiful babies. AND she makes some stinking cute things! Basically the perfect woman!

Remember that shirt you see on Jessi ALL THE TIME because it's my favorite and one of the only shirts that fits her right now? Yeah, Kristina made that. Oh, and the bow too of course.

And these infinity scarves I am obsessed with? They are new in her shop! I wear these alllll the time (probably committing another fashion no, no?). Playdate scarf? OK! Girls night out scarf? Yes, please!  They are super soft, and also warm! Zoey is convinced I wear them so she can snuggle them. That darn cute little snuggle bug.

GUESS WHAT?!?!?! To celebrate the launch of the Spring Line, Jaxon Jill Designs is giving away a $40 Gift Certificate to one lucky reader!!!

Check out some of the lovelies from her new line!

MANDATORY ENTRY: Go visit her shop and comment and let me know what you might use the gift certificate for.

ADDITIONAL ENTRIES: (leave a comment for each entry!) (1) Like “The Mom Diggity” on Facebook (2) Follow me on twitter!! (3) Like “Jaxon Jill Designs” on Facebook (4) Tweet this giveaway (must include @momdiggity), you may copy and paste this: "Jaxon Jill Designs released the Spring Line and I entered to win a $40 Gift Certificate from @momdiggity! Enter here: http://wp.me/p14UOo-2oi"

This giveaway will end at 11pm CST on Wednesday, February 29th and winner announced here. The views here are strictly out of my brain, and of course based on my quality fashion. Duh.