zoey's sweet potato adventure

We started solids with Zoey yesterday! She's been eying our food for a few weeks now and we could tell she was getting ready for it. We started her with sweet potatoes. I just cooked a sweet potato, and mixed a little formula with it to make it nice and runny. She was sooooo excited about it!! The majority of the food ended up on her, but she did great for her first time!

And incase you're interested, here's video of the experience. It was house cleaning day so let's ignore how nasty I look. Feel free to jump ahead to around 2min to see the toddler shove a spoon down Z's throat and try out the baby food herself.

[vsw id="B0Vob0iHRd4" source="youtube" width="425" height="344" autoplay="no"]

Hooray for solid food!

Now Mommy won't eat a meal for a few months until I can throw table scraps at her.