oklahoma bloggers night out!

Since moving back to Oklahoma about a year ago, I've been desperately wanting to find a group of local bloggers to get connected with. I was having the hardest time finding anyone, and over the last few months it's like everyone jumped out of their hiding places and I've met so many amazing bloggers!

It was a joy to get to meet up and have a bloggers night out with some of these great locals! Our event was held at The Make Up Bar in OKC. Have you been there? I hadn't, but I fell in love. I love playing with make up and this place was a blast! They had a few of their staff on hand to help us with smokey eyes, and I talked one of the girls into helping me face my fears of lipstick. She gave me hot pink lips, and now I'm hooked!


A huge thank you to all our sponsors! Deep Fork Grill provided the yummies. And yummies they were! The Lingerie Store made an appearance, and now I've GOT to go in for a fitting and check out all their pretties. We also got to learn about some beautiful custom made furniture from True North Living. Green Goodies provided some SUGAR FREE cupcakes. My first thought was "gross!", but then I had two salted carmel cupcakes and didn't feel guilty at all! And a huge thanks to Rex from Glass Eye Studios, because I left my camera in my car and he got some great shots of the night!!

I won this GORGEOUS painting from Pippin and Pearl! I'm so crazy excited about it! I've already decided to redecorate our master bedroom around it. Yay!

I was a little shy walking in and knowing NO ONE...but met some great people and loving getting to know every one better through their blogs now! I've been going through all the blogs and wondering how I missed some of these great people that night. Next time I'll be best buds with everyone and not be the new girl :)

A fun night was had!

Here's the list of some great local bloggers to check out!

 Danielle from Elleinad Spir
Shana from Gorillabuns
Melissa from Pineapple Lily
Alison from Shop Crawlr
Caroline from Greedy Girl
Allison from Feeding My Temple
Kelly from Design Crush
Brigette from Settling West
Evie from Evie-S
Sally from Sally Spins
Brandy from Bella Vita Jewelry
Emery from Emery Jo Stephanie from Stephanie Bice
Kathleen from Jeremy and Kathleen
Marek from Marek Musings
Rachel from Pencil Shavings
Melissa from Sassafrass 2.0
Rachael from Rachael Really Nikki from Bradley Birth Kara Kae from The Mom Diggity Elle from Memoirs of a Wannabe Gypsy Laura from Steen Style Whitney from Whitney Kolb Katie from  Dishin and Dishes