are we ready?

We've been taking potty training really slow with Jessi. She's been interested in using the potty for a while, so we pretty much just let her use it when she wants to and we haven't really forced training yet. The last couple of days she has lived on the potty. Constantly asking to go "pee pee in the potty" and even asked to go at other people's houses. Most of the time she pees in her diaper and realizes she needs to go and runs to the potty. She gets REALLY upset and frustrated with herself when she goes in her diaper because of how badly she wanted to go in the potty. It's so sad and sweet!

When I look away for a second, she's got her diaper off and trying to climb on the potty. She's been waking up from her naps, immediately asking to go potty. The kid is obsessed.However, she doesn't like to poo in the potty. She sticks to her pooping spot. Under the table.

Her pooping spot

Honestly, I was hoping to have a few more months before having to worry about it, but is she ready? Do we just go for it and hope for the best? I'm worried if we put it off while she's so interested, we will make it harder later on.

I'm not ready for this! Next thing I know she'll be asking to go to kindergarten! Nope, I'm locking her in her room.

What do you think? Are these the signs that she's ready?

(FYI - She will be 2 in about 5 weeks and is freakishly smart beyond her years)