the monthly rundown: 22 and 5 months


Two months from 2. Good grief. She really decided recently that she's going to act like a two year old. The whining is intense and testing us constantly. But the cuteness is full force. We are having a blast. She plays so well by herself now, but still loves to have mama and daddy near. Adoring her baby sister and having so much fun playing with her, and doing so great sharing time with her.

She's talking like crazy in full sentences. She's compassionate and sweet. Such a tender heart. She loves to sing. She knows This Little Light of Mine, Ring around the Rosie, Head and Shoulders, Happy Birthday and Jesus Loves me. She can count to ten (skipping 4, 6 and usually 9) and is starting to say the ABC's (also skipping about 10 letters). We are starting to learn our colors, can't point them out very well but we are getting there.


She loves to go to church and is doing so much better away from mama and daddy. She loves the bubble machines at church and singing songs and is playing much better with other kids. We enjoy trips to the zoo and to the park. She's getting brave playing on the playground and going down slides like a pro! Getting to be a little bit of a dare devil! We are still taking our time with potty training, but getting better at it when we really try.



I don't think there has ever been a happier baby than you. You are such a joy! You have reached my favorite baby age, and it's an absolute blast. You play so happily all day, and are content. You are crazy about your big sister. You love watching her play, and she makes you laugh more than anyone.

You are getting stronger and growing so much! We finally moved you into 3-6 month clothes. I love how tiny and petite you are, and those precious cheeks are to die for! You still aren't sleeping through the night, but you do every couple of weeks which is a nice relief for mama.


You are rolling and scooting around the floor. You still don't really like being on your belly and if you roll over at night you get upset. You are making tons of noise and having fun finding your voice!

We are having a blast! We love you so much sweet girl.

To the ends of the earth, Mama