accepting the challenge.

One of my lovely bloggy friends recently posted about the importance of self portraits. I used to be scared to take pictures of myself and felt a little goofy posting them...feeling a bit like a high school girl "posing in the mirror"-ish. But it's time to stop being shy and start looking at the camera. So, why am I jumping on this bandwagon? I'm doing it for my girls. I'm doing it for our future. I want to be able to look back and not just see millions of pictures of the girls, but also a little mama in there too! Hubby and I are trying to make more of an effort to actually BE in "home videos" as opposed to being the silent voice beind the camera. We recently went through all of our parents old home videos and almost everytime you would see one of our moms come into the camera she would freak out and run away. Why moms?? I love seeing my mama when she was my age and wish I had more pictures and video of us doing things together.

I'm also doing it for YOU! My readers! When I go to a blog, I want to know about the person writing. And I want to see their face. Simple as that. So get ready to see more of my ugly mug and hear more about ME!

Thanks to Chelsey for encouraging us to do this and putting us up to the challenge! I accept!


Obsessing over - Zoey's smile. It's seriously the most amazing thing ever.

Working on - Jessi's 2nd birthday party, and attempting to have her baby book finished before her bday!

Thinking about - How badly I want to go in the kitchen and make some cookies. Maybe I just will.

Anticipating - Work stuff for hubby. I'm thrilled he's loving his job and doing so well at it. Anxious for what is ahead for him!

Listening to - Jessi kick the side of her bed and talk about how she wants a snack. Maybe I should go get her up? Nah, she's fine.

Eating - A graham cracker and having a glass of sweet tea.

Wishing - Oreos would magically appear in my pantry.

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