my 366 - january

I wasn't really planning on doing a picture a day for the year or anything, but it just kinda happened. I realized that I take a bazillion pics of the kids every day anyway, so I figured why the heck not! At the end of the year I easily have at least 10-12 thousand pics to sort through and at least this way I'll have 366 of my favorite shots from each day! Most days I post 6-8 pictures on instagram, so I'm picking my favorite from each day and doing a picture a day! So here you go! My 366 picture project for 2012!

We kicked off January just right! The girls were cute as can be (duh). Zoey started rolling over and life got much more fun! Jessi gave Rupert a real bath, and thought that was a blast. We had good days and bad days, but more good than bad! Took a fun trip to the Zoo with daddy and had some really nice weather we got to enjoy! Ended the month perfectly with ZoZo discovering her toes!