yes, I'm aware that my hands are full.

The number one comment when I'm out with the kiddos is "Wow, you've got your hands full don't you?". I usually follow it with a blank stare and thank them for stating the obvious for me. OF COURSE I HAVE MY HANDS FULL! Duuuuuuuh. 

A guy at the mall a couple weeks ago actually stopped me and stared down into the stroller with a huge look of shock on his face. "I can't believe there are TWO babies in there!!!". Seriously, dude? Did you think I'd have my cat in there?

It's like when you're 9 months pregnant and people feel the need to tell you that you're about to have a baby. Why, oh why do they feel the need to remind me that I have two little humans?

It's almost like they feel sorry for me. WHY?? This was our choice, and it's amazing. I'm blessed with two tiny people who are absolutely incredible! My house is filled with laughter and fun. Sure, it's tough. I'm the first one to admit that, but most's a blast. I wouldn't trade the bad days or the hard times for anything. Because when it's hard, there's always a silver lining.

Right when it gets really rough is when Zoey giggles uncontrollably for the first time at her big sister. It's when Jessi says her bible verse by herself, and sings her ABC's (skipping about 10 letters of course). It's when Jessi goes and sits next to her little sister and hugs and kisses her and tells her she loves her (without me telling her to!). Those moments make my eyes fill with tears and my heart with joy. They are learning from us! We are having a stinking blast teaching and loving these little humans. In no way does having my "hands full" change that.

And to all you people who think I'm crazy and have my hands full? They are only going to get more full.

Now, stop staring at me and buy me coffee and go carry my groceries to the car!!!