a letter to...me.

Dear ungrateful me,

You know that money you whine about? It is going to buy diapers and food for those precious babies you are blessed with. That's all you need.

And those trips to Paris and New York you dream of taking?  You get to go to the zoo and see your children's faces light up as they learn about monkeys...and make adorable monkey noises.

You know how you get frustrated that hubby has to work such long hours? He has a job that he loves and provides for you.

Those times you complained about "too much family"? It's ridiculous how many people you have that love you and would do anything for you.

And then you were jealous of all the fun stuff that couple without kids got to do. They don't hear the giggles of little girls in their home every day.

And constantly you complain because you can't have your favorite restaurant more. But that little blonde haired toddler had a picnic with you on the living room floor and thought your peanut butter and jelly sandwiches were amazing.

Then it was overwhelming to keep the house clean and you whined and whined. You are blessed with a home. A roof over your head to keep your babies safe and warm.

So before you complain about the things you don't have, look into those little faces and count every blessing. Hug your husband and thank God for bringing you an amazing man.

Because your home may not be perfect, but it's filled with perfect love. It's overflowing with joy and blessings.

Don't focus on the things you cannot do, but instead point the babies to Jesus and everything you need will be provided.


Overwhelmed with Blessings Me