a much needed family day

If you haven't noticed, I've been a bit overwhelmed and nutso lately. My hubby hadn't had a full day off of work in three weeks. He has been working most nights, and I'm completely worn out. I've been going 5 days without even having a chance to touch my computer, and I miss connecting with my blogging friends! Yesterday hubs had his first day off in a while and we were so excited! I swear the girls are getting so sick of my face. Jessi was thrilled to have him home, and would barely even come near me all day. Since it was a gorgeous day in the 70's, we packed up and spent the day at the Zoo! We hadn't been with the girls since Zoey was born, so it's was great to go!

It was a joy to have my partner in crime for the day and have an extra set of hands to help with the tiny humans. We had a wonderful day together! Zoey has starting laughing and it's beyond cute. I adore my little family!