advent 2011

Our Advent Calendar for 2011This was a huge hit with my kiddos, and we had a blast learning about Christmas. It was a perfect way to introduce Christmas to the little ones, and my toddler loved learning different things about the season and what Christmas is all about.

Day One: Deck the Halls! We got window stickers & Jessi loved decorating! Day Two: Make ornaments. Our hand print ornaments were a bust, so we made snowmen too.

Day Three: Watch The Little Drummer Boy! Jessi loves this Veggie Tales Movie, even Zoey joined us! Day Four: Visit a live nativity! It was so fun to see the story of Jesus come to life.

Day Five: Drink Hot Chocolate! Jessi loved it!! She kept saying "CHOCK-IT! CHOCK-IT!!!" Day Six: Let it snow! We learned about snow & made some for our windows.

Day Seven: Buy our 2011 ornaments. Jessi was more interested in pulling them all off the shelf. Day Eight: Christmas crafts! She loved getting into the paint and we made a wreath!

Day Nine: Christmas card pictures! Oh man they are cute! Day Ten: Christmas pancakes!! We made snowmen...the snow was her favorite part:)

Day Eleven - Make grandparent gifts! We did a fun picture of the girls! Day Twelve - Sing a Christmas Carol. We went to Target and she sang Jingle Bells to everyone.

Day Thirteen - A trip to the library. We love storytime and picking out books! Day Fourteen - Meet Santa! Zoey didn't mind...Jessi was not a fan.

Day Fifteen - Watch a Christmas Movie. We watched Elf and had popcorn! Day Sixteen - Decorate cookies. Oh, the apron cuteness.

Day Seventeen - Take cookies to the neighbors. We made little bags and Jessi loved handing them out! Day Eighteen - Go see Christmas lights. She was a huge fan of the lights!

Day Nineteen - Build a fort. Such a fun family activity! We loved it! Day Twenty - Wrap presents. I think we wrapped and unwrapped that one about 5 times.

Day Twenty One - Watch a Charlie Brown Christmas. Zoey was not so interested. Day Twenty Two - Read the Christmas Story. I got her a little story book with pictures and she loved it.

Day Twenty Three - Make cookies for Santa Day Twenty Four - Make a birthday cake for Jesus. Cutest little baker!

Merry Christmas!