21 months {jessi} & 4 months {zoey}

These girls are just growing like crazy! I can hardly even keep up with them and before I know it another month has flown by! Story behind this pic: I was taking some pictures of Zoey and Jessi insisted on changing her clothes and wearing a matching bow to ZoZo! Aren't they the cutest??

Oh, Jessi Girl...

It's nuts that we are sneaking up on year 2. She is an absolutely joy and the funniest (and cutest if I do say so myself...) kid ever. Her vocabulary continues to expand like crazy, and it's so nice to be able to communicate so much easier with her. We carry on actual conversations and the frustration level has dropped of us not understanding each other. Hooray for that! She hasn't learned the word "mine" yet, instead talks in 3rd person and uses her name about a bazillion times a day. Pretty cute and not quite as bad as "mine!".

She loves to sing. Her favorite song right now is the Happy Birthday song. We sang Jesus happy birthday on Christmas, and she caught on and sings it all the time. She loves coloring, play doh, babies, and her little sister. She thinks the dog is hilarious, and is happiest when daddy is home (aren't we all!). Her favorite snacks are fishies, bears (teddy grahams) and oranges. We started letting her have a little juice every day and she thinks that is awesome.

She loves being a "big girl". She's officially in the "what's that?" stage and wants to know what everything is. She is curious, cautious and super shy around new people. She loves going to the store and helping mommy cook. She prays before her meals - "Jesus, thank you, Amen". Short, sweet and to the point.

Happy 21 months our sweet girl!


Dearest ZoZo,

You are such a fun baby!!! If you would actually sleep at night, I would have 10 more if they were just like you! You constantly have a smile on your face and you're so easy going. I love that about you. It sure makes life easier with you and sister being so close in age.

You're starting to become interested in your toys, you like to lay on your little play mat and hit at the toys hanging above you. When you lay there, Jessi girl likes to come lay with you. You just adore her! You watch her play all day and smile the biggest for her! The two of you are going to have so much fun together, I can't wait for you to be able to play with her.

You're still so teeny, wearing size 0-3 month clothes and size 1 diapers.  You're lucky though if we change you out of your jammies all day, the curse of the second child! You're really starting to pack on the weight though, and those chubby little cheeks are to die for!

I am so thankful for the amazing little blessing you are. You have made our family so much more full and happy. I thank God for you every day and how perfect you are! I love you my precious girl!

To the moon and back, Mommy

Zoey's 4 Month Stats: Weight - 12lbs 7oz (25th Percentile) Height - 23 1/4 inches