oh december, you were fun.

Well, hello there! It's been over a week since I even looked at my blog! Kinda a nice, unplanned break. We've had Christmas, family busting at the seams...and then we all got sick. Attacked by a nasty virus, all 4 of us have been a little under the weather. The girls handled it much better than mom and dad (except Zoey hasn't been sleeping at night). So basically, we are all exhausted. Christmas was awesome though. We got to enjoy an early Christmas with my family and it was so fun to have Brook's family in town from Houston & Anchorage. We ate entirely too much, and had loads of fun. More to come on our Christmas later.

For now, here's a few fun pictures of what December has held for us!

A Christmas parade! Jessi is a BIG fan of parades, even though that face doesn't seem like it. She talked about the parade non-stop for weeks.

Making snowman ornaments and kisses for mama!

   Cute little artist!

Snowman pancakes are so fun!

Sweet little bath baby!

My precious angel. I'm over the moon for her.

Remember that time a guy stole a truck, ran it into our mailbox and then was chased by the police through our backyard? Yeah, that was fun.

Tea parties with sweet little friends.

Lots and lots of baking with this girl!!

We had a great month. Zoey has been growing like crazy, and is just so much fun. Jessi is a stinking blast and it's a joy being her mama and spending time with her. I'll share more from our awesome month soon! Hope your December was as good as ours!