my minivan can beat up your suv

You know those things you say you would NEVER do? Wear brown & black. Bungee jump. Watch cartoons when your kids aren't around. Owning a minivan was at the top of my list. I'm pretty sure it was even in my wedding vows somewhere. I was just very passionately against it.

Well, here I stand with my very own minivan. Good grief, kids change you don't they??

But this isn't just ANY minivan. It's "The Black Pearl" as we've affectionately named her. You are not allowed to refer to it as "the van". We are cool parents, afterall. But seriously, after sinking into the incredibly comfortable seats, and the fact that a button OPENS MY DOORS...I was a convert. Seriously, this piece of awesomeness on four wheels is stinking amazing.

It's funny because we went to look at a toyota know, the swagger wagon, but ended up liking this one more.  I was a bit disappointment I can't say I drive a swagger wagon, but hello heated seats. The butt warmth helped me get over that very quickly.

I'll think I'll get an eye patch for her to make her that much more awesome.


In other news,

Congrats to Heather Udell for winning the Bluum Baby giveaway!!! You're going to LOVE your Bluum products!!!!!