3 months {zoey b}

ZoZo, I can't believe how fast these first three months have flown by! You are an absolute joy. The easiest and most fun baby. Our days are filled with the most amazing smiles and lots of babbling. You love attention! You are happy and content to lay on the floor and play, but mostly want someone to sit and look at.

You are beginning to sleep a little better, and when we come to get you from your bed you are thrilled to see us! It's so fun to see that huge smile on your face all the time! Still not sleeping through the night though, but most nights are pretty quick when you get up to eat.

Just in the past few days, newborn clothes are starting to get too small! Since you've been on formula now for three weeks, you've finally started putting on some significant weight. Really filling out, and starting to look more and more like big sister did as a baby!

You like laying on the floor and kicking around. Love your paci and your big sister. I like to think that you like mommy best, but you sure do light up when daddy is around!

We love you so much!!


3 Month Stats 10lbs 6oz - 11th Percentile You grew so much this month!