20 months {jessi girl}

She's a full blown "big girl". My baby is gone, it's all toddler. She is a ton of fun, and has really come out of her shell. She is much more comfortable around people she doesn't know and crowds of people. The shyness is fading, and it's fun for people to see her true personality.

She's decided that the terrible two's are tons of fun. Throwing fits galore, but thankfully time out is working really well for us. It can go from super frustrating to super adorable in about 2.5 seconds flat. She's become a very picky eater, so some days all we eat are cheerios and fruit snacks. We started giving her juice to help with the "cranky moments", and she is a huge fan!

Her favorite things are helping mommy clean and cook. She walks around with huge pot holders on her hands saying "I cook!".  She loves Veggie Tales (A-tale-some), Ice Age (el-phant, baby) & Monster's Inc (monster). Goodnight Moon is her favorite book. She loves her "ponies" in her hair and will on occasion let me put a bow in her hair. She loves coloring and doing puzzles. She started loving church, and asks every day if we can go!

We started potty training this month! Her best bud Mia is 11 months older and is potty trained, so she wants to be grown up like her. We are taking it slow, but she's getting the hang of it! She's a fantastic big sister and loves giving ZoZo kisses and helping with her toys. She's starting to learn to count, and can go to 10 (with mommy and daddy's help). She repeats everything, and wants to be in the middle of everything!

She's a hilarious little girl. Adorable and amazing. Love her to bits!