a good kind of crazy

I'm in a blogging rut. Life has been crazy (remember those two tiny people I raise?).  I just haven't had the energy or the time to sit at my computer much lately. But I love you guys so stinking much and miss sharing every single details of my life! Here's a bit of an update of what's going on:

HUGE NEWS! Hubby got a job!! We moved to Oklahoma exactly one year ago today, and he's been doing part time worship leading for the past year. It was a huge blessing to have him home to help with Jessi while I was puking my guts out and having a really tough pregnancy, and to help after Zoey was born. But come on, it's time to kick him out of the house ;) It was getting to the point that it was hard to survive on just worship leading, and so we are so thankful he's just accepted a job with Apple! He's my mac daddy!

Zoey is growing like crazy!!! I swear she's put on like 2lbs in the past week! It's been a little over a week since I stopped breastfeeding and she's really thriving. This really calms my heart and helps confirm that this was the right decision. Grow sister grow!

sweet thing napping in the stroller on an outing

Jessi is potty training! She's really doing fantastic and I'm so proud of her! She loves to sit on the potty like a big girl, and she's really starting to get the hang of it. We are taking it slow, but I'm so proud of her and how well she's doing!

buying a big girl potty seat!

Our home is decorated for Christmas, we are hosting Thanksgiving for my family on Friday. I'm thrilled for the Holidays and loving teaching Jessi all about the birth of our Savior! We are so thankful to go into this season with a great job for hubs and two perfect and wonderful little girls. I'm so blessed!

Life is crazy good.