the day has come. it's time to potty.

I really thought this day might not come for a while, but I think it's time to admit it. We are potty training.


Really, I'm very thankful I'm not breastfeeding the slowest nurser of all time any more. So instead of spending 10-12 hours a day nursing a baby I have more energy to focus on both girl's needs!

Jessi has a little BFF that is about 11 months older than her. She usually picks up on things from her, mostly it's been screaming, jumping off the couch, ya know "fun stuff. But now that her friend is potty trained, Jessi is really interested!

We got her a stand alone potty a while back and she had used it some before Zoey was born but then her world changed and she is not interested in sitting on it. But her little friend sits on the BIG potty. That's what big girls do. So that's what Jessi wants to do. 4 times yesterday she came and asked to go on the potty!!

I'm going to let her take her time since she's still young, I see no reason to force it and scare her away.

I'm working on a reward system but would love some ideas that worked for you!! What worked for you and your little ones? I'm going to make a treat jar, and I thought maybe a sticker board for when she's really getting the hang of it.

Help please!