the latte that rocked my face off

I was bored yesterday during naptime, and decided to get creative in the kitchen.Out of it came the most amazing thing of all time. I had to share it with you!!

Lets call it a Chocolate Hazelnut Latte. But I just call it a massive party in my face.

Ingredients: 1 Cup Milk 1 Shot Espresso 1 Tbsp Nutella

Steam your milk (or heat it in the microwave, I'm usually lazy like that)

Get a tablespoon of nutella (or a HEAPING tablespoon if you're me)

Make a shot of Espresso while the milk is heating. I have a Nespresso it! (Or just use about a 1/2-3/4 cup of hot coffee)

Stir it all up together to melt the nutella. HOLY YUM! I use a little handheld frother to make it foamy and perfect!

Allow your faced to be ROCKED. It's so stinking good.