2 months {zoey b}

My precious Zoey, You are such a joy. You really came alive this month, and it's been such a blast. You smile a lot, and when you smile your entire face lights up. I love how your eyes get so big when they meet mine and you smile so big. You recognize mommy & daddy, and especially love when big sister takes the time to sit and "chat" with you. The two of you are so precious together. You love watching her play and she loves to help with you. Every time you cry she yells "paci!" and runs to find your paci to help soothe you.

Finally putting on some weight and filling out. You finally fit in newborn clothes and we've just now moved you into size 1 diapers when though they are still huge on you.

You hate your carseat and cry the whole time we are in the car. Your favorite thing is to be held close, wrapped in a blanket and walked around the house. You love your paci and sleeping on daddy's chest. You slept through the night a couple of times, but still like to party with mommy most nights.

We love you little sister!!

Much love, Mommy

Two Month Stats Weight - 8.0lbs (3rd Percentile) Length - 21.5 inches (23rd Percentile)