a fun fall toddler craft!

I really wanted to do a fun craft with Jessi Girl for Halloween. We had gone to a pumpkin patch & I got tiny pumpkins for both of my tiny people. I was going to let Jess paint her pumpkin, but as wild as life is right now I didn't have the energy to let my toddler go to town with craft paint. Because the moment I got us both covered in paint, Zoey would want to eat. That's the way it goes. So I had to come up with a cleaner way to decorate, yet still fun and creative.

Here's what we did:

Step One - Get a pumpkin! Step Two - Decorate it how you'd like. I just used colorful sharpies and did the girl's names to avoid paint everywhere. Step Three - Get some fun stickers. I got these at Target for $2.

Step Four - Let your toddler go to town with the stickers. Beware - they might end up on the dog or little sister in the process.

Step Five - Mod podge that bad boy. Slather it up reeeeally good so the sticker will stay on. Plus, it makes it shiny. You could even use the glitter mod podge for a little extra fun!

Step Six - And this is the most important. Eat a handful of candy corn every time you walk past this cute little pumpkin!

Have fun doing this super easy and fun craft with your little pun-kin!

Happy Halloweeny!