19 months {jessi girl}

This month has been a blast. She is talking up a storm and it's so fun to carry on a conversation with her. She blows me away every day with how smart she is and how well she can talk and communicate. If she's not talking to us, she's entertaining herself and talking to herself all day.

She likes for mommy & daddy to kiss her "owie" when she gets hurt. I've even seen her kiss her leg when she falls. At least she's getting the concept! Being a big sister comes so easily to our big girl. She loves her ZoZo, and is so good with her. She's ready to be able to really play with her.

Her favorite things are coloring, snacks {"bears" (teddy grahams), "o's" (cheerios), & "cooks" (nilla wafers)}  talking on her phone, pushing her shopping cart and stroller around the house. She likes helping mommy in the kitchen and is a total Daddy's girl. She now calls us "Mommy & Daddy" instead of "Mama & Dada". It just sounds so grown up from baby talk. I just adore watching her learn and grow. She thinks Jack is hilarious and loves chasing him around.

What a joy this girl is. I love her so stinking much.