infantino right angle tummy triangle {product review}

I was really excited to get this for my second baby because of how much my first hated tummy time. The idea of her being able to be off the ground a little more seemed like a brilliant idea to me!! I like that she can lay on it and I can lay directly in front of her and have better eye contact. It comes with a music box that honestly my toddler was more entertained with. I'd almost prefer for the price to be a bit lower and it not come with that. My biggest disappointment in it was that it is not very comfortable for the baby. Seems to be made pretty cheaply. I would lay a blanket over it to make it a little more cozy.

Overall, the concept is fantastic. Most babies seem to hate tummy time so this is a great way to make it more entertaining and fun for them! Not a "must have" baby item for sure, but something fun and different!

I have received the Right Angle Tummy Triangle from Infantino to facilitate my review.