our wild night in the ER

Well, here I sit at 2:39am and have yet to go to bed. So I figured I should give you lovely people a little update on what's going on around here. It's been a bit rough. I have been sick for about 5 weeks now. Oh man, I'm so over it. Tuesday I started feeling really icky, and then started puking like crazy. Running a fever and puking, I got a tiny bit of sleep and nursed the babe throughout the night. In the morning I was still feeling pretty awful so luckily my doctor got me in to check me out. Seemed to be the same story I'd heard for weeks. Stomach issues, a touch of anemia.

I felt a little better throughout the day, but had pretty much zero energy. I hadn't been able to eat and barely kept anything down for a couple of days. Around 10:30 I was rocking the baby to sleep when I started having really intense pains in my stomach. I barely made it to the crib to put the babe in bed before I collapsed on the floor in pain.

Like, I was screaming my head off, couldn't breathe...literally thought I was having a heart attack kind of pain. My chest and stomach were so tight and I was completely freaked out.

Oh, did I mention that hubby had come home from work with the horrible stomach bug I had the night before? Yeah, he was laying on the couch really sick. This man never gets sick. In the almost 5 years we've been together I've never seen him throw up.

So I'm laying on the bed screaming, and he comes running dragging his poor sick body in and we know it's time to do something about my situation. ER here we come.

After 2 1/2 hours, an EKG, a big bag of fluids, some fun stomach meds and lots of staring at this boring wall....

We finally got the same news I've heard for 5 weeks. I have a crappy stomach. Apparently my stomach had cramped up so bad that my entire esophagus had joined the party. Thank goodness it wasn't anything serious. A huge thank you to our dear friend Maria who came to be with the girls. It was a scary and not fun evening.

Now to get my hubby well, and praying the toddler & newborn don't catch this nasty stomach bug hubby and I are both fighting. I appreciate all the kind words and prayers you have all sent our way! It's been a tough month, and I'm hoping we can get well soon! It's now 3:26am and I'm headed to bed for the first time this evening!