my breastfeeding style

I walked into this pregnancy determined to make breastfeeding work for me this time around. I was heartbroken when it went so badly with Jessi Girl, and so badly wanted to do it this time. Which is funny because I hate it so much. Ha! Makes sense huh? I'm nutty like that. For some reason in our society breastfeeding is "gross". People freak out when they see women feeding in public. Mama's feel shame for something that is natural and normal. It's not gross. It's not weird. Boobies were made to feed babies (don't worry, I wont tell your husbands...they'd be devastated they weren't made just for them).

Since breastfeeding is going so well this time around, I've had to make a decision about my feeding style and be confident and comfortable in it.

I'm not one of those moms who flops her feeders out in public though. I'm not going to make other people feel uncomfortable. I cover myself up and take care of business. I will not show off my udders and cause a man to stumble. I know how visual men are, and even though it's just breastfeeding and we women know them it's still boobies. This is why I will always cover up in public, and will respect men's eyes.

But I will not allow others to shame me for doing the best I can for my baby. Seriously? You're going to look down on me for feeding my child? You dumb.

You can still look good breastfeeding! I bought this adorable nursing cover, and I feel pretty and comfortable feeding in public with it. Because shoot...breastfeeding can be fashionable too! Breastfeeding is a part of who I am right now. This kid is basically permentantly attached, so she's pretty much part of my attire. Find ways that you can still feel pretty, and stylish even when you have a tiny person attached. You are still a woman. You don't need to live in sweatpants and never leave the house for the first year just because you're a mom now!

I encourage you breastfeeding mamas to be proud. I totally understand how difficult breastfeeding can be, and if you are lucky enough to be able to do it - DO IT PROUDLY! There is no shame in what you are doing. Don't listen to the haters!

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