1 month {zoey brooklyn}

My precious little ZoZo, This first month has flown by as a blur. You are an absolute joy. The easiest baby, and such a blessing to us! You pretty much slept and ate the month away. The first week was a little rough with your jaundice and having to keep you under lights. Stressful on mommy, but thankfully it was only for a few days and you recovered quickly! You have had trouble gaining weight, and you're such a teeny little thing still under 7lbs. You eat every two hours, (exhausting mommy) but we're working hard to get some meat on your bones!

Everyone says you look just like your daddy, but all I see is a tiny version of your big sister. I secretly hope you two look just alike and I can have the "twins" I always wanted. Jessi adores you. She is a terrific big sister, and loves having you around. She's beginning to get a little frustrated that you can't play with her though. She's ready for you to get big and play!

On their one month birthdays! (Zoey is about 4lbs less than than Jess)

You are just the perfect baby. So easy to soothe, so easy to keep happy. You loved to be wrapped in a blanket and held close. You enjoy laying on a blanket on the floor watching big sis play next to you. You smiled for the first time on your 1 month birthday! I was lucky enough to be on the receiving end of that gorgeous little smile! I'm so excited for month two, as you grow and begin to discover the world a little more.

We are so thrilled you are a part of our family! Daddy, Jessi and I love you very much and we thank God for you every single day!

Love, Mommy