18 months {jessi girl}

Seriously? When did this happen? A year and a half. Nuts. She's the best big sister ever. So gentle, so sweet and loving. Pouring a constant stream of kisses on baby's head and face. Tickling her toes. Helping feed her a bottle and always shoving a paci in her mouth. I couldn't be more proud of how well she's adjusted to little sister. She's mama's little helper. When I am nursing the baby, she brings me all my stuff...even when it's already in my lap. Always wanting to take care of Mama and ZoZo.

She's talking up a storm. Always been our verbal kid and a great communicator, but it really exploded this month. She repeats everything (yikes!) and learns new words and phrases every day. She's learning more and more how to tell us what she wants in short, choppy sentences.

Her thing right now is "hold you". She loves to be held (which makes it tough with a new baby), but you can't resist the "hold you". She likes to color, play outside, chase the dog and mother her baby dolls.

Hold you??

She's about to pop out of 12-18 month clothes and I swear she grows an inch a day. She is starting to tell us when she goes potty in her diaper...one step closer to potty training! Which would be so nice since two in diapers is annoying tough. She's ornery and hilarious. I can't get enough of this kiddo. It's a blast watching her turn into a little girl.

18 Month Stats Height - 31in (30th percentile...we are pretty sure the nurse measured her wrong because there is no way) Weight - 24lbs (46th percentile)