the birth of zoey brooklyn

Zoey Brooklyn James was born on September 2, 2011 at 8:10am at Mercy Hospital in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. She weighed 6lbs 15.7oz and was 18.5inches long. Oh, and she was perfect. We arrived at the hospital at 6:30am for our scheduled c-section. It was still dark outside, and such a calm morning. We got a front parking spot and got to the elevators when a group of med students were arriving. They avoided riding up the elevator with a very large pregnant woman...I guess none of them wanted to deliver my baby in the elevator in case we got stuck :)

They took us back to our room and immediately started getting me prepped for surgery. I was scheduled for 8:30, but they came in and said they wanted to get me in even earlier so the nurses rushed to get me ready. The waiting process was the worst. Once they started me on an IV, had the monitor on the baby and got my leg cuffs on...I started getting very overwhelmed. My blood sugar was dropping and I was feeling very hot and claustrophobic with everything strapped to me. Not my favorite moment of the day.

I was thrilled when they came in and said it was time to go. They wheeled me back to the OR, and I couldn't be more excited to be in that freezing cold room. I calmed quickly and was ready to get the show on the road. Everything moved quickly as they got my epidural in, and finished prepping me. It felt like an eternity before they let Brook come back, but I was so excited to see his face because that meant it was baby time!

Surgery started, lots of tugging and pushing and pulling. Finally....that perfect cry. (sorta like the perfect cheer, only SO much better)

I got a tiny glimpse of her as they took her over to check her out. Worst part of a c-section is the closing up and waiting to hold your baby.  The doctor did the tests on her...PERFECT 10 Apgar. That's my girl. Perfect. They finished up with her and passed her off to daddy and he brought her over to me so I could finally kiss that sweet little face.

Did I mention she looked JUST like her big sister? Like wowzers.

Surgery finished up smoothly and they briskly wheeled me back to recovery in my room. Only to inform me later that my blood pressure had dropped drastically. No wonder they were working so frantically on me. I didn't notice, I had a baby in my arms. They eventually got my blood pressure back up, and worked on getting Zoey's temp to level out, poor little thing was cold. Swaddled in 5 (yes, five) blankets and held tightly in my arms as her tiny little body figured out how to function in the world.

She nursed like a champ, and that helped calm my breastfeeding fears I had from the first go around. I puked the entire first day before we figure out I'm apparently allergic to morphine. That's fun. Switched up my pain pills, got me some good food and sweet tea and I was ready to rock and roll.

My OB did a fantastic job with my surgery. I literally had no pain. I was up and around quick, and the soreness from them yanking a baby out of me was the worst part.

Zoey was basically the perfect baby. I've thrown that perfect word around a lot, but it's the only way to describe her. Perfect. She barely cried. She was so easy to soothe. Crazy adorable. The kind of baby that makes you want to have 50 more. Hmmm, maybe we will.