handmades to make your uterus ache

I wanted to share some amazing handmade goodies with you, in case you missed them on baby's birth day weekend! I intended to share them with you earlier, but remember how I got horribly sick? Yeah, I ate a muffin (a whole muffin!!) yesterday and I'm recovering.

So brace yourself for some cuteness that will make you want a baby in your uterus.

{sewchatty.com} - this adorable gift set for baby. the burp cloth & bib are some of my favorite's I've ever used because being so soft and absorbent. Not to mention the fabric. Oh, and don't even get me started on those shoes.  Precious.

  {jaxon jill designs} - these custom made big & lil sis shirts with matching bows were amazing!! they made for the BEST pictures at the hospital and I absolutely love them! amazing quality, and absolutely adorable!

{happy baby designs} - ok, this has got to be one of the most brilliant ideas ever. a binky bag! this ties to the side of the crib and that way in the middle of the night when that lost binky is who knows where...you always have a spare or 4. oh, and just FYI: the matching burp cloths are pretty much irresistible. but we'll let that be our little secret.

{aPearantly sew} - this wipes case is simply amazing. it's big enough to fit about 4-5 diapers and a pack of wipes. love that! plus, check out the amazing fabrics! and the art case for toddlers? brilliant. it fits so nicely in my diaper bag and gives my restless toddler something to do when we need to sit. love. it.

{moxie mandie} -  burpies. because your baby will spit up. these are light weight and incredible. i like how they fold up small in my bag and don't take up the space that those bulky ones do. and check out those fun patterns! it just screams my name.