terrible, horrible, no good, very bad week.

Alexander, I totally feel your pain buddy. Man I loved that book when I was little. Anyway. It really has been tough. If you follow me on twitter, you've seen my whiney complaints calm explanations of what we've been dealing with. I'll catch you up to speed.

Tuesday we had to take Zoey in for a simple weight check because our pediatrician was concerned about her weight. Her weight dropped even more, and they wanted to test her jaundice levels again. Well, they spiked scary high so the doctor called in home health. They brought in the "suitcase", the super fun light box you have to stick your newborn in and watch them suffer while you can't do anything for them. That was really hard on me. Luckily, her levels kept going down and by Thursday evening we were able to get her out.

Then Friday happened. I got the chills. Then the fever started. And my breasts started hurting. Oy. Being a 3 time vetern of mastitis from my first, I immediately knew what it was. I tried to say it was hormones, but my hubby wouldn't believe that for long and forced sweetly encouraged me to call the doctor. I got started on antibiotics, and by midnight my stomach started hurting so bad I could hardly stand it. I couldn't keep food in, and I was basically worthless.

Saturday, I was so bad my hubby basically scooped me up and put me in the car and took me to the doctor. To spare you all the lovely details, basically no food stayed in so I just didn't eat. Fever was pretty constant around 102-103. And my boobies huuuuuurt. The doc thought I was having an allergic reaction to the antibiotic. Sweet. That's fun. So we switch antibiotics and have to let the other junk run it's course through my system.

Sunday evening, I'm worse. We aren't convinced it's the meds and start getting scared of things like appendicitis or something. Even taking pills make my stomach hurt so bad. Worse. Stomach. Pain. EVER. This is nuts. They ruled out anything serious and said it's either a reaction to the meds or a stomach virus. Nothing I can take for it, because I'm nursing.

Time to suck it up and be super mom.

Monday, I'm feeling good enough to sit up and I'm determined to eat because my milk supply is dropping. Poor Zoey is hungry and if mama isn't eating, the kiddo isn't either. (Well, duh we are gonna make sure she eats) I was able to eat a little bit, not that much stayed in my sytsem. But the fever has been gone for 24 hours, and the mastitis is clearing! Hooray for good antibiotics! The nurse came one last time to check Zoey's jaundice levels & weight and her levels dropped and weight went up! Even through all that, she still gained a few ounces!

Today should be even better! Hopefully we are on the road to recovery! Through all of that, it was wonderful. I am home with my beautiful girls, who are healthy and perfect. My husband who loves me and takes great care of us all. I'm so grateful and thankful for the three of them!!

I leave you with a hilarious picture of my girls & a couple of laughs. Such a good big sis.

Highlights of the week from my toddler: Jessi picking up a breast pad, putting it on the baby's head and calling it a "hat". Jessi putting her sippy cup to my boob and asking for milk. (HILARIOUS!!!!)